Thursday, January 18, 2018

Meanwhile in the real world of Trump

The HHS expands to ensure religious liberty.  This is a far cry from Obama - adored and celebrated by the New Prolife Catholic movement - who made HHS synonymous with naked assault on religious liberty and, by extension, all liberty and freedom.

It was Obama who shrewdly edged America toward a tyranny, whereby people agreed that religious liberty and freedom of conscience were poor substitutes for free contraception and abortion rights.  Along with the Obama eras other assaults on religious liberty and freedom of conscience, such as demanding fealty to the gay marriage altar or facing jail time for opposing non-heterosexual marriage, as well as threatening our children's education funding if his appraisal of Transgender morality is rejected.

This is actually like saying religious liberty is important, and we're going to work to protect it.  Again, in stark contrast to the NPLC's friends on the Left who, through the media, turned protecting religious liberty into being synonymous with worshiping Hitler.

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