Saturday, January 27, 2018

Jesus who?

Hmmmm. I wonder:

I'm usually skeptical of this sort of thing.  And if it was any other company but Google, I'd tend to think there was some other explanation.  Even a hoax.  But given Google's 'we'll acknowledge the inventor of toothpicks before Jesus Christ' history of tributes, I'm at least prepared to believe it's possible.  And that right there speaks volumes. 

Remember, Jesus said the world would hate us because it hated Him first.  He did not say that the world would hate Him because of all those other Christians who aren't as awesome as I am.  It shouldn't surprise us, therefore, that we see a growing coalition against one common enemy: the traditional Christian Faith.



  1. Steven Crowder did a test of his own once.

    Even had jordan peterson on later to talk about it.

  2. It's tough, because you sound like some paranoid conspiracy theorist to think that all of these forces are arrayed against Christians. And then you remember what Jesus said.

    1. He did warn us about the ruler of this world. And conspiracies don't have to be conscious. Group think is a helluva drug.


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