Monday, January 15, 2018

If you use Martin Luther King day to show how righteous you are

You might be missing the point.  Here, Mark Shea makes a very simple case: Christianists are people who think they are Christian but aren't because they aren't as holy and righteous as Mark Shea, who apparently is never on the wrong side of history.  Brought to you on a day celebrating a man who had infinitely more mercy on those who were wrong than Mark Shea does.  Another example of celebrating a man while ignoring his message.


  1. Thank Heavens Mark is not like that sinful Christianist over there.

    Sarcasm off. I would use the "For Wales" remark from a Man for All Seasons, but Shea's mistaking of the Gospel for a mess of political pottage is done sans reward, except for the satisfaction that Shea gets for pouring bile and hate on those who differ from him. I guess he never got this memo:

    1. As I told Nate, Mark reminds me of Rolfe from The Sound of Music. Once the charming, kindly and free spirit, now Lugar in hand ready to gun down anyone who doesn't follow the movement.


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