Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Cleveland Indians cave to the Thought Police

Following threats of economic retribution, the Cleveland Indians have caved and moved to eliminate the famous logo

PC.  Censorship.  Thought police.  One small step toward authoritarianism.  Because it wasn't done voluntarily through persuasion.  It was done by threat of retribution against non-conformists.  Remember, the Left stokes resentment, refusal to forgive, belittles reconciliation and other stupid leftovers from that pesky Christian tradition.

So, for the sake of old times, and to keep what will eventually be banned alive in our memories:

Oh, and also, just to keep up with the trend: 

There's no telling how many things will be banned and eradicated by growing scourge of the Leftist thought police.  I have a feeling this is only the beginning.  And that the majority of Native Americans don't care?  Doesn't matter anymore than Native Americans matter.  Or Blacks. Or women.  By now, I hope we know that. 

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