Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Democrats blink

Since the mid-90s, I have never seen the Democrats give in during something like a government shut down.  Generally the government shuts down, Republicans are blamed, stories circulate telling of government workers starving and not being able to afford Christmas presents, Republicans cave, and life goes on.

Not this time.  This time the Republicans didn't cave, didn't waver, didn't bow down and grovel in the dirt and apologize for not being Democrats.  This time Trump came out in Scarface fashion and said, 'Say hello to my little friend!'.   He threw it right back at them, blamed the Democrats, and said they were the ones willing to screw Americans and servicemen for the sake of illegal immigration.  And the Democrats blinked.

Of course charges of racists and Nazis and evil people who want babies to starve flew about, as they always do.  But something in the polling must have told the Democrats that the usual stuff isn't working.  And if nothing else explains Trump's appeal to his supporters, it's that last line.  The usual Leftist narrative that has proven so devastating to non-liberals has suddenly jumped the track. 

I'm not happy that it took a person like Trump to do it, but I am happy to see it done.

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