Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Thank you Brittany Hughes

For pointing out what the entire National Media has chosen to ignore: That there is no such thing as 'Your Truth.'  That was what Oprah told women during her divine campaign proclamation at the Golden Globes.  She said that "Speaking your truth is the most powerful tool we have."

Now, I noticed something not brought up in the video that I couldn't post on Blogger.  Note the pronouns.  "Your" truth is the most powerful tool "we" have.

My boys made an observation.  The reason Trump won in 2016, among other things, was the catastrophe that was the Hillary campaign.  Basically she assumed she would win.  There were many reasons to think this, not the least of which was the press's clear partisan support, corporate CEOs jumping on board, Hollywood billionaires singing her praises, and basically everyone controlling the information our nation hears and reads hoisting her up like a limp flag.

But another reason she had to be confident was the old Liberal six shooter: call anyone who doesn't vote for her sexist/racist/homophobe/Islamaphobe/thisaphobe/thatist.  Drop the sexist card.  Make it about sexism.

The problem?  Calling someone a sexist in 2016, when women are already in the process of overtaking men in a growing number of areas in American public and economic life, doesn't have the same punch as calling people racist for not supporting Obama.  As much as feminism has tried to portray women in America as on the same level as Jews in Nazi Germany, it just isn't as clear cut as, say, America's track record regarding slavery, segregation, Jim Crow, and other cases of blatant racism.  At worst, America was like pretty much most of the world in thinking men and women might be different and that could mean things.  Plus, many women believe feminism is flawed, and that there are reasons that women and men can be different.

So while many in the press and entertainment and academic worlds hauled out the old 'women who don't support Hillary deserve to burn, all others are sexist' memes, it clearly didn't work.

Therefore is it possible - possible mind you - that the deification of the feminine that is happening in the #MeToo era is an attempt to right this?  Is it an attempt to establish sexism as the new Nazi, and make it so that the charge of 'sexist' in 2020 will have the same buckshot that racist had in 2008?

It could be.  Right now, the whole movement is an intellectual and moral train wreck.  Not that women haven't been ill used or assaulted by men.  But what is happening addresses one small sliver of the whole problem behind that.  But nobody cares.  In fact, to bring up other issues - like how women have gladly indulged in the T&A culture, how women could also harass men, how women with the power to do something gladly kept silent for the sake of their power - is to be smacked down as a sexist.

It's a theory.  It certainly makes sense.  Finding out that screaming 'sexist' doesn't compel people to Guilt Vote like screaming 'racist!' might just need to be remedied.  And right now, I can think of no better way than the idea that the great evil of our age is always pure and innocent women being brutalized by a sexist, misogynistic land of daily terror - except where transgenders in the bathroom were concerned of course.

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