Saturday, January 20, 2018

Another Catholic attack on the March for Life

Over at Steel Magnificat, a liberal feminist Catholic blog at Patheos, we're reminded that what pro-abortion forces say is likely true: abortion is often opposed because of anything but care for life and the unborn.  Mostly a bunch of sexist and misogynists hating on  pure and beautifully innocent women. 

I'm just stunned at the growing attacks on the Catholic moral tradition by Catholics in the age of Pope Francis.  It's as if he opened the floodgates.  Whether he meant to or not, I don't know.  But clearly many Catholics see the age of Francis as the time in which we can finally throw off the shackles of Christianity's first 2000 years and join with the only magisterium that matters: the modern Left and its dogmas.

For a tradition that prides itself on withstanding the winds and waves of the latest fads, I'm just not seeing the evidence


  1. Vatican II is responsible for focusing Catholics attentions on the needs of Man as opposed to the gifts of God and how we can merit them. More than anything Man needs God. To focus on Man to walk away from God's well of grace and into the darkness of the devil's world.

    Up to now the pure selfishness inherent in the Man centeredness of Vatican II has not been officially and openedly encouraged. However, with the devilish advent of Pope Francis the flood gates have opened. We are clearly headed for a schism unless Pope Francis can be stopped.

    Right now, given the lack of courage by the clergy, that appears remote. Divine intervention seems the only alternative. Eventually, Vatican II must be abrogated in it's entirety. It was a catastrophe for the Church.

    Pope Francis

    1. I've been kicking that observation around, just haven't been able to put it all together (not being a professional wordsmith). But yes, I'd say the Christian Faith in general has taken a step backwards in allowing the world to make the here and now, rather than the hereafter, of primary importance. Not that we shouldn't care about our fellow man, but it's more than just the material world. I think the world has done a bang up job evangelizing the faithful, including their leaders.

  2. " I think the world has done a bang up job evangelizing the faithful, including their leaders. "

    Exactly. The Church is nuts to compete with the world. They lose to the world and lose the faithful in the process. Dumb. Dumb. This a plan the devil would approve.

  3. Cardinal Hickey in Washington in the 1980's and 90's, was absent from the March for Life year after year, until an eighth-grade class in a parochial school wrote him an open letter, inviting him to accompany them to the March.

    For 45 years, and more, a preponderance of bishops have, like Hickey, viewed abortion as an issue that helps Republican, and therefore unworthy of attention. This situation has been exacerbated by the Church's increasing addiction to government money, which has guaranteed the bishops' continued allegiance to the bigger spenders in Congress.


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