Friday, January 12, 2018

Pelosi was also wrong

Using 'White' as a trigger word meant to be disparaging 100% of the time is simply another brand of racism.  Just because it's most often used by white liberals is beside the point.  Ever since the Democratic Party replaced Blacks with WASPs, it's become more and more common to talk of Anglo and European Americans in a way similar to how Blacks were treated in the heyday of Amos and Andy.

That doesn't make it right.  In fact, assuming that you can drop the W-Word and instantly encourage hostility and judgement and conceit is no better than assuming that the term Blacks should engender the same negative reactions.

That's the trick.  Mark Shea was right to blast Trump's inexcusable statesmen about immigrants from Africa and Haiti (assuming he said them they way it was reported). But as I said here, Mark, like many warming up to the modern Left, seems increasingly blind to the newest brands of bigotry and racism.  When a round-table discussion on CNN in 2016 brings up the fact that White Americans are committing suicide at alarming rates, and the response is they're likely just upset they're losing their White Privilege, we've turned a corner.  This is no longer soft racism.  It's the real thing.

Being Christian means rejecting the evils of the past, the present, and the future.  Just because the modern Left finds it advantageous to dig up old Nazi and KKK style propaganda, erase the words Jew and Black, and replace with the word White, doesn't mean it's OK for Christians to join in.  In fact, how much of the misery of the Church would have been avoided if believers hadn't jumped on the latest bandwagon of the latest evil that all the hipsters at the best parties were endorsing.

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