Thursday, January 11, 2018

Who the New Pro Life Catholics are aligned with

Here.  A billboard campaign meant to remove the stigma of abortion.  Sort of how we removed the stigma of cohabitation, homosexuality and wishing we could eliminate people we don't want.  Here is the website, in case you want to have your say.

This is the Leftist tactic long ago mused about by Orwell.  War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, ignorance is, well, you know.

In this case, abortion is anything wonderful I want it to be:

Sacred.  Liberty.  Gender equality (That is, take that men, I can do what I bloody well want with our baby, and you only have to wait and see if you have to pay for it).

The NPLM accepts the pro-choice narrative that women have abortions because they are too poor to have the babies due to capitalism.  There might be a few who only had abortions because wretched, misogynistic men forced them to.  Otherwise, that's it.  It's clearly not their fault.  All of those women who don't have abortions for those reasons, just like all of those abortions not performed for rape or incest, are not discussed.

This is the only way you dance with the Devil.  You tell yourself it's not really the Devil, it's not really dancing, or find some way to blame someone else (including the Devil).


  1. And as been said; "When you sup with the devil, bring a long spoon."

    1. Yep. I fear that they lost that long spoon quite some time ago.

  2. Our blessed bishops have no problem with this.
    Bet on it.

    1. I hope not. Tough they seldom address such issues as strongly, or by pointing out the culprits involved, the way they do things like immigration or economic issues.


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