Tuesday, January 30, 2018

You can't be a Christian and think all lives matter

Or at least you can't be a Christian and think all lives matter and not fall into lockstep behind the policies and narratives of the political Left.

So says Mark Shea.

Now that we have that straightened out.

Was a time when abortion was a non-negotiable, but things like how best to address illegal immigration (something Democrats strongly opposed for years), or how best to help the economic fortunes of citizens, or even the Death Penalty, were issues where Christians of good will could agree to disagree.

Today, abortion has been shoved to the back burner as an unfortunate byproduct of Capitalism and misogynistic men, but the political proposals of Democrats and the Gospel are, in fact, one and the same.  It's technically wrong, but who are we to judge [women]?

If it was just Mark, I'd dismiss it as any sane person should.  Unfortunately, when you look at developments in the Church, you don't see a vast difference between Mark's partisanship and what comes from the Church's leadership.

Note: This was brought to my attention.  This is how Mark does it.  I can't account for others.  Mark basically has judged the hearts and minds of all who are not liberal, and concluded they don't care about abortions.  Being a loud supporter of the Democratic party (he thinks by not officially saying so, his constant support for liberal Democrats means he doesn't support them), he assumes their purest of motives, and scratches his head when it comes to them doing what they always do, and that's fight for the Culture of Death as traditionally understood. 

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