Monday, January 15, 2018

When Obama called an African country a S**t show

Yep.  Per the Atlantic
"Mess is the president's diplomatic term for what U.S. intervention left behind in Libya; privately, he calls it a 'shit show.'"
Now, this is making its rounds in an attempt to show something about the press's or liberals' hypocrisy.  But here's the thing.  The Left doesn't care what you say, as long as you say it about the Christian West or America.  Or any opponents of liberalism.   So it's not like pundits and activists of the Left will see a problem with this, for it's being applied to a mess that either America or Europe ostensibly created, whereas Trump was speaking as if there might be problems with the countries just because - not because of America or the West.

That it wraps its clear and obvious agenda driven biases and double standards up in faux values and principles is the problem.  The Left pushed F-Bombs and vulgarities of every sort into our living rooms, praises foul mouthed comedians at Democratic fundraisers and high fived people who call female politicians the C-Word.  During the transgender controversy, women expressing concern were called homophobic bigots - when things were polite.  When Biden dropped the F-Bomb, liberals and journalists gushed with pride and approval.

This is a movement.  It cares about advancing the movement. For reasons not clear (or perhaps too clear), it doesn't really say what it's trying to achieve.  Rather, it looks for whatever morality or truth that will help its cause at the moment.  It's greatest tactical achievement has been to convince people - including not a few Christians - that truth is a 'here today, gone later today' proposition.  That wherever and whatever it beneficial to the Left itself is the only real moral or principle worth claiming.

Not a bad achievement I'll grant you.  Deadly for the future of any society, but on a tactical level, not bad.  Which is why those who see clearly the evils of this brand of amorality would do good not to emulate it.

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