Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Not good news for Trump opponents

According to CBS, hardly a right wing source, a whopping 75% approved Trump's State of the Union speech

We watched it (gave school credit to the kids for it - the fun of home school).   A couple oddities.  One, he began almost immediately pointing out the 'guests.'  These are people who usually illicit applause from the whole chamber. Usually they are held until midway through the speech, unless it's some special case.   A clever way of forcing unity from the begining.

Two, it was heavy on accomplishments.  Since Bill Clinton at least (possibly earlier, can't remember), the SotU has become 1 part 'here's the state of the Union', and 29 parts 'here are all my plans.'

Last night was very top heavy toward 'here is all we've done in the last year', with a fair amount of plans for the future, and many calls to put aside politics and compromise to get the job done.  Nonetheless, the speech was big on 'here's where are and here's how we got here.' An actual state of the Union. Apparently, according to at least one non-friendly poll, the majority of Americans approved.

That was certainly better than the rebuttal from Joe Kennedy III, which was simply a variation on "unity through divisions" and "compromise through unwavering demands."  With personal attacks and name calling against Trump.  We'll see.  But it was different, and watching the Dems not applaud when normally the opposition party would applaud, such as at the news of the lowest unemployment among Black Americans in the history of the research, was telling.

Who knows.  Perhaps people are getting tired of the divisions, and are beginning to wonder just who is responsible for them. We'll see.

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