Thursday, January 11, 2018

When an MIT physicist says something about science

I listen.  I don't, as is common in the Global Warming debate, assume he must be some naive toady or corrupt money grubber on the fossil fuel industry dole.

That's not to say he's right.  I don't know.  I'm not a scientist.  But given what I've noticed over the years -  an increase in pop scientists always sounding the warning bell of doom about any topic, the obvious politicization of the issue, the often failed predictions of what is supposed to happen, the inconsistency with how the media presents the issue, and my general belief that scientists on all sides of the issue can be both good and bad - I'm willing to bet his take is closer to reality than the scientists insisting 'Climate Change is why I can't find my TV remote: Tonight on CNN'.

BTW, the link.  If you notice, once in a while I have to link to Youtube rather than post the video.  That's because sometimes Blogger won't access the video in question.  It just won't let it post. I don't know why, it just won't.  Is there a trend there?  I haven't paid attention, but since the last couple times it involved videos of a decidedly conservative nature, I'll monitor it more closely in the months to come.  So if you see a link to a Youtube video rather than the video, that's why.

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