Wednesday, January 24, 2018

In the age of Roy Moore and #MeToo

The Left has a new cinematic darling over which to gush: Call Me by Your Name.  What's it about?  It's about a 24 year old male grad student seducing a 17 year old boy.

Wait.  Stop!  What the hell?   Yep, you guessed it. Just off of declaring adults seducing seventeen year olds to be as bad as the Nazis, we have the Left celebrating the same in movie form.

Is it hypocrisy of the highest order?  No.  Hypocrisy is only possible in a world of standards and truth claims.  The modern Left makes no real attempt to suggest there are such things.  As I learned a Patheos, there were plenty of people who were willing to suggest anything could be real, anything good, up to the point where systematic genocide to control the population might be the next big thing.  What do we think all this MeToo rubbish is?  Concern for women?  Hell no.  That would only be true among a movement with a set of values or standards.  Women were just the convenient victims for the moment.

Don't think for a second you can pin them on this.  They will, of course, deny anything and everything, including yesterday.  Another Patheos favorite.  If pushed they'll reach into their college educated hats and whip out some lame, vapid excuse for why what seemed wrong yesterday is praiseworthy today: Of course it would be wrong if you hopped on one foot and yodeled the Peruvian national anthem in Yiddish on the second Thursday of the fourth month with in 'R' in it during a buffalo stampede in a hail storm.  But this is obviously different.

Again, the Left is a Black Hole of morality.  It is a Void of unreality.  It exists only to get its way on a day to day basis.  It forgoes notions of ethics, truth, consistency, values, morality, decency, humanity, freedom, or anything.  It seeks to get its way for the movement at all costs. Period.

Thus since the Sexual Revolution the basic morality was that where two consenting adults of legal age are, there is no moral taboo.  That was eventually expanded to two or more consenting adults of legal age. Then Roy Moore came, and suddenly it was entirely convenient to act as if the previous 60 years didn't exist, and that worse than Hitler was an adult chasing after a seventeen year old for sex.

But Moore's character was destroyed and, more importantly, his political career derailed and a Democrat elected. So it's back to the latest moral truth du jour.  Of course anything that promotes decadence, debauchery, sex, drugs or any level of base animal desire is cherished by the Left.  The only way you get a nation built on freedom and democracy to sell out to leftist authoritarianism is to turn the population into a bunch of drugged up, sexed up idiots.

Plus it's homosexual.  As we learned during the Bishop Robinson era, it's only wrong sexually if heterosexuals are involved.  If a man leaves his wife for another woman, he is lower than dirt.  If a man leaves his wife for another man, let the angels rejoice with great gladness.  Many mainline denominations approved that message.

This is the movement that has found increasing tolerance and allegiance from a growing number of Christian leaders and apologists. Run fast, and run far. 

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