Monday, January 22, 2018

I could listen to Jordan Peterson all day

The fun is watching the reporter.  It's a classic example of traditional vs. leftist.  Not that Peterson incarnates a complete Christian tradition and world view.  But it reminds us that the alliance among conservatives was actually between people who believed in truth, facts, reality, and reason to drive their beliefs.   John C. Wright even has a fun little game attached to help you keep up with the willful ignorance of the interviewer.

The reporter basis most of her questions and accusations on stereotypes, agendas, name calling and deflection from proof and evidence.  One thing I learned at Patheos: You can tell a troll by the ones who, when presented with evidence, simply slink away rather than debate.  The non-troll, when presented with evidence, will take it and further the debate (or, less likely, concede the point).  The troll, of which my blog had no few, will simply walk away until another chance to troll.

In that respect, the reporter is more like a troll, albeit a journalistic one, trying desperately to avoid the very evidence she keeps insisting doesn't exist because it's devastating to her biases.

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