Tuesday, January 9, 2018

The Church of Oprah

So we'll be watching as the Left attempts to lift up Oprah for president - just in case.  Biden is still a favorite, though they do have to start reconciling a Biden run with their 35 year track record of making old age a liability.  The older Biden gets, the tougher it is to ignore.

Oprah is the best they have.  Which says a lot.  As much as the Left is throwing all morality out the window, suggesting the scrutiny of candidate's lineages and endorsing unethical medical practices to defeat Trump, they really have nobody ready to step up to the plate in 2020.

Of course Oprah will pose a few problems.  The biggest is that she is a celebrity with no political experience - something the Left ruthlessly mocked and hammered in 2016.  If they run a celebrity with no political experience against a president who was just a celebrity and businessman with no experience, they will have to admit he did well.  After all, what is your argument if you insist he was a disaster?  The last celebrity with no political experience was a disaster, so vote for this one?

Plus, in the 90s and 00s, Oprah was not exactly respected among the intellectual Left.  Oh, they didn't hate her.  But she represented that cognitive fluff that many were pushing back against.  More than once, when Oprah's name was dropped in conjunction with some liberal positions, liberal academics and thinkers rolled their eyes.  Anyone with knowledge of the topics she discussed knows that she was not well informed - though in fairness, she was a talk show host.  She let her writers feed her the info, and otherwise let her guests do the heavy lifting where deep analysis was concerned.  She was, to many, emblematic of the shallowness of modern discourse.

Nonetheless, I have unwavering faith in the Left's ability to dismiss its own truth claims when no longer convenient to hold them.  The media - which is in near orgasmic levels of gushing adoration over an Oprah presidential bid (for now) - will be instrumental in buffering the narrative against ugly facts and consistency.  So we'll see.  After all, after 35 years of declaring old age a liability, one of their most celebrated hopefuls for 2020 would be the oldest person ever to run for president.  And with the propaganda behind it, we'll learn that old age is good.  Real good. 

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