Thursday, January 18, 2018

Trump and the Media: A balanced perspective

So Trump released his big Fake News awards.  Stupid really.  Just as stupid is the hysteria surrounding Trump's war with the media.  Far more disturbing is the media's naked war of aggression against Trump, and all who threaten the Marxist Left.  When the news stops being news and becomes propaganda, it ceases being that bulwark of Democracy and freedom.

Nonetheless, we have a media devoted to advancing a particular movement - the Left - against a president willing to don brass knuckles and fight back.  This leads the usual suspects to act incensed and outraged at the fact that a president ruthlessly and relentlessly attacked by press fights back.

Donald McClarey, in his usual way, reminds us that presidents pushing back against dissenters in the press is nothing new.  Not a couple icons of liberalism were known to wave a threatening finger at the old news media.

I would add that when Obama went after FOX News in the early days of his administration, the news media did push back.  Even CNN, IIRC, reminded the president to stay out of the press's business.  It was only after the press realized that Obama was a miserably ineffective president that such overreach on Obama's part would not just be ignored, but would be supported across the hallowed halls of journalism.

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