Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A West Wing Thanksgiving

I know.  The West Wing was more or less an hour long liberal version of Rush Limbaugh in dramatic form.  Still, I liked it.  Count me as one of those folks who thinks it lost something when Rob Lowe left, and I'm no Rob Lowe fan.  I think because his character was the token 'liberal who doesn't always know everything' in the show.  But I liked this episode.  Something about the president using the power of the White House to put one over on a Butterball Hotline operator seemed like the kind of thing we want in our government.  Sure, if it really happened FOX News would be declaring it a national crisis of leadership (or if it was a Republican president, the rest of the MSM would be having specials declaring it to be an abuse of power).  But that's the fun of fantasy.  What we imagine we would like in fiction would probably appal us in reality.  Nevertheless, here is the always reliable Martin Sheen and the equally enjoyable Richard Schiff (fairing much better against administrative red tape than against dinosaurs), along with the WH staff trying to enjoy the glories of all that American life has to offer:

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