Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Jay McDowell demonstrates how Homosexuality is the hammer with which the Left will crush failure to embrace Righthink

So a video has gone viral.  Many do.  Why is this one special?  Because it helps the MSM advance the cause of homosexuality, which I am increasingly convinced it could not care one wit about.  Rather, it is advancing the primary tool with which the Left will crush opposing viewpoints in the name of diversity and tolerance.  Apparently a teacher demanded a student who had a confederate belt buckle strip it off in the light of liberal dress codes.  Then as a result, two students who got into what is described as a heated debate over gay rights were immediately expelled form the classroom. The school board, laboring under the delusion that schools are where a free and open exchange of ideals can take place, punished the teacher. 

Now, gay rights advocates are pouring from the woodwork to defend this champion of the homosexual juggernaut.  Rightly did he demand conformity to the dogmas of the gay rights movement, and justly did he punish those who in their ignorance and bigotry failed to conform to the Righthink of the post-modern Left.

Some once thought that abortion would be the battleground over which the soul of America would be fought. But despite media and cultural attempts to portray it as a fight between stupid religious neanderthals and enlightened, caring, loving, and well dressed secularists, it just didn't pan out that way.  Plenty of traditional religious folks defend some level of abortion rights, and plenty of otherwise liberal, non-religious folks get the heebie-jeebies about treating human life in such a way.

But homosexuality is a whole 'nuther ball game.  Basically those opposed to it more or less cling to a more traditional viewpoint, usually one founded upon traditional religious beliefs.  Therefore it has become the preferred method by which the post-modern Left seeks to demand conformity to its dogmas, and punish those who fail to obey its precepts.  Second rate citizens, marginalized bigots, religious zealots: these are the labels waiting for our children in the public schools who fail to obey the absolute Truths (TM) of the post-modern Left, starting with the acceptance and celebration of homosexuality and every other sexual expression apart from a traditional marriage between man and woman.


  1. Could you tell me when a confederate symbol is not celebrating racism? And I would like to know if you think racism or bigotry should be allowed in our schools

  2. Yes, when it is part of the cultural heritage of our country. The idea that all confederacy is all racism is sloppy history to be honest. That's 'the only good Indian is a dead Indian' talk.

    Do I think racism should be allowed in schools? Depends on what you mean. Do I think it should be the policy? Of course not. Nor do I think discrimination against those who aren't liberal should be the policy. Should racial attitudes be allowed to be voiced? In a classroom setting, such as this was? Where a student stands up in an academic environment and says so? Sure. When I was in high school a student could say they were against desegregation, or civil rights. They would be boooed for it, and that would be the end of their reputation, but it was their right, because we were told the most sacred right of an American is the right to free speech, and that especially included our schools.

    Now if that is no longer the case, if free speech is not really all that and a bag of chips anymore, and there is only one dogmatic belief system that shall be tolerated, OK. I'm fine with that. Admit it, and let me know when that became the law of the land. Otherwise, understand I'm against bullying, intimidation, and threats. I also prefer a civil discourse. But just the same, I'm also against censorship and state run oppression of beliefs not in conformity to a particular ideological agenda.

  3. Dave G. is correct. The story suggests that the teacher threw the students out after a heated debate in his classroom over the issue of homosexuality and the belt buckle. I don't support anyone trying to hurt another person for any reason, including sexual orientation. But I also don't support censorship.

  4. Michigan was part of the Confederacy?


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