Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Wikileaks and the Catholic blogs

Much to my surprise, and chagrin, I've noticed that several in the Catholic blogosphere are cheering on our intrepid data leaker.  My own contempt for this fellow is well known.  I dislike him and his methods because of the haphazard and cavalier way in which he is doing what he does.  I doubt that horrible atrocities will come of it, but if one innocent person should die or suffer as a result, that's one too many.  Or so the Catholic bloggers like to say when it comes to other issues.

Plus, I'll admit it.  Despite all of our hedonism, paganism, anti-Christian rhetoric, and general 'debauchery above all things' attitude, I still love America.  For all its wrong, it was never worse than any other civilization.  As countries go, it's done its best to do its best.  And sometimes that alone is a unique badge for a society to wear.  Sure, nowadays the problems are legion, for they are many.  Our government, our corporations, our apathy, laziness, complacency; our hedonism and narcissism disguising themselves as lofty principles; our general obsession with sex, drugs, and money - and the greatest of these is money - above all things; and the typical moral standard that I don't give a damn what happens to my neighbor as long as it doesn't affect me - are all symptomatic of major problems in our national bloodline.

But the promise of good is still there. And it's that promise that will be hurt along with any potential problems that could be revealed by the data leaks.  I know, it's not some global catastrophe.  But the problem is Assange's dismissive, middle finger, up yours, F-you attitude that mirrors so much of what is hurting our society in a way that most Catholic bloggers typically denounce.  Especially when such attitudes are suddenly aimed at the Church.  So following the old do unto others principle, since most Catholics don't appreciate such flagrant 'go to hell' approaches to our Church, we shouldn't cheer it on simply because it's happening to our country.  Especially - Especially! - if those same Catholic bloggers continue to reap the benefits of that same free and bountiful society. 

Again, I am not one to think the apocalypse is at hand just because Meister Assange has released all the nasty, personal comments about dignitaries' girlfriends and diplomats' opinions of world leaders.  But any harm would be bad, especially if all that these leaks do is reveal embarrassing comments based on issues we are already aware of.  If I can't do wrong that good may come of it, I surely shouldn't do wrong that nothing may come of it. Jumping on the 'leak the data!' bandwagon opens up an entirely new dimension that someday may come back and hit the Catholic Church between the eyes.  And if we whine and cry when it happens, it will more than serve us right if we were the first to yuck it up just because it happened to our own country.

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  1. Agree. Especially with the second and third paragraphs. Thank you!!!


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