Thursday, November 18, 2010

Despite fifty years of propaganda, 6 out of 10 Americans don't think marriage is becoming obsolete

See how easy that was?  Notice the focus.  A whopping 6 out of 10 Americans still think marriage will be around for a while because it's important.  Of course most news stories are covering it the other way, focusing on the fact that 4 out of 10 Americans, according to a Pew Research survey, believe marriage is becoming obsolete.  You might be justified for taking that approach.  After all, that's up from almost 3 out of 10 in 1978.  It is also the logical consequence of opening up the definition of marriage to any two or more people who want to call their relationship a marriage.  But considering that our public education system, our higher education system, the bulk of our national news media, and most of our venues of popular culture have been promoting the European style death of marriage for almost four generations now, I'm rather shocked at how many still think it will be around.  When virtually every avenue of information is in near agreement that something is old fashioned, archaic, a source of oppression and bigotry, and - most importantly - stands in the way of the nation of narcissistic hedonism where I should care about myself above all other things, I'm still amazed at how many folks reflexively cling to what has typically worked, even if it involves such painful concepts as self sacrifice and commitment.  Perhaps they can't help but notice that Europe, the basic model for most American progressive attitudes, is plunging into the Abyss even as we speak.  Maybe it shows the power and influence that religious belief - which typically tends to support such anachronistic notions as marriage - has on people.  Or maybe Americans have just looked across the landscape and noticed that the increasing march toward hedonism and narcissism progressive style, seems to mirror America's plunge into the Abyss of has-been nations along with its European mentor. 


  1. This is still not a good number, but when everything continues to promote values that do not reflect well on a "traditional marriage" I believe that this number could easily move into a worse attitude. The value of people deminishes each year so why not the value of "God Ordained" relationship. I for one cannot imagine life without my "better half". I love that term- he is exactly that. He is the one who makes my life better every day we are together. I put a high value on marriage. It is sad to see when people don't.

  2. If you want proof the religion's influence in our country, just admit that we still don't let two people who love each other get married unless our religions say they can. I'm fine with marriage. But its time to stop using it to marginalize people and let everyone be equal includiung people who don't want to get married. If you want freedom so much, that would be a great place to start.

  3. Freedom goes both ways. I have the freedom to say I believe that it is wrong to live together and not be married and you have the right to say let anyone (including those of the same sex) live together and not be married. However with that comes the reality that our views will differ. We have the right to say them to each other but it does not mean that we have to agree. That is the great thing about freedom. I have not said that you don't have the right to say what you believe. That is called Freedom of religion- this is covered in another article.


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