Friday, November 12, 2010

Black Thursday?

So I caught the tail end of a story on CNN this morning talking about the slow creep of greed by our retail industry.  Apparently, more stores are beginning to open earlier, and earlier, and earlier on Thanksgiving.  Or rather, that annual celebration of evil racist genocidal murders butchering hapless fowl in order to applaud their rape of a pristine and Utopian paradise.  Given that Thanksgiving is, almost by definition, an affront to the sensitivities of our Big Politically Correct Brother, the dogmas of post modernism, and the teachings of Multi-Culturalism, I figure it has about thirty years of life left, if that.  Oh, there will be something there.  Something around the holiday formerly known as Thanksgiving to officially tell us it's time to shop, buy, get, and consume.  Already the notion of giving thanks [to God] has been dispensed with, replaced by some abstract notion of thankfulness during a time of family celebrations.  Of course family itself is being redefined as quickly as possible, and the notion of thanks almost assumes that I didn't have it coming to me in the first place.  Having long ago dealt Easter the death blow of modernity, and cast the shepherds and wise men into the trash heap to make way for our yearly orgy of consumerist greed, I can't help but see Thanksgiving as next on the chopping block, if you'll pardon the imagery.  At the end of the day, Darwinian Capitalism, greed without a heart and soul, is no better or safer than Communism.  America: worshipping drugs, sex, and money.  But the greatest of these is money.

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  1. I'm afraid traditions have no place in a country that only cares about money. And Catholics should notice that the Republicans are no better than Democrats when it comes to greed.


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