Wednesday, November 10, 2010

CNN launches ad calling FOX News and MSNBC partisan

In other news, the pot launches ad campaign calling the kettle black. CNN, founded by uber-liberal anti-Catholic Ted Turner (who has admittedly softened in recent years, or so they say), has always been purely in a post-American leftist, secular, pro-European Socialist tank. Over the years, it has tried to field those not in that particular mindset to maintain a sense of balance. But balance was never there. In recent years, as CNN attempted to work with those who are more open critics of generally accepted liberal dogmas, the Left Wing audience bolted and threatened to boycott CNN once and for all. So after such luminaries as Lou Dobbs were dispatched, and the leash let loose on hosts like Anderson Cooper, CNN's own leftward lurch continues to be obvious. From Christiane Amanpour's famous "God's Warriors" special (you know, where she examined such murderous radicals as Islamic terrorists, violent Zionists, and Christians who taught abstinence and tried to influence politics (a real insight into the secular liberal mindset)), to Anderson Cooper's recent attempts to suggest its time to end this tolerance for people who refuse to celebrate homosexuality (including guests willing to take it to the legal limit), it's almost impossible to miss it's post-American leftist tendencies. When Fareed Zakaria interviews the Prime Minister of Malaysia, and allows him to get away with saying Islam is about peace and can never be associated with violence, you know objectivity is out the window. Imagine Mr. Zakaria letting someone say Christianity is about peace and therefore cannot be associated with violence at anytime throughout its history! Yes, CNN's bias is a little larger than American Conservatism vs. American Liberalism. But anyone who made it past kindergarten nonetheless can see it's there.

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