Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Catholic and Muslim leaders agree to agree

The seventh meeting between Catholic and Muslim leaders just concluded.  From it, several things were agreed upon.  That's fine.  We'll wait and see how it plays out.  Cynics will say it's much ado about nothing.  Optimists will say it shows the dawning of a new, bright era.  Others will notice Protestants were not part of the dialogue and wonder why.  In all, I prefer to wait and see.  Call me from Missouri, but I'm a 'show me' type.  Right now, it's good to hear Muslim leaders say religious freedom is an inherent right.  What would be better is seeing it play out across the Muslims world, where according to Amnesty International and other Human Rights organizations the record of religious tolerance varies from shaky at  best, to downright deplorable.  Hopefully, especially for religious minorities in those countries, this suggests the beginning of a new, bright era after all.

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