Saturday, November 20, 2010

Littering the Earth with children: Thoughtful insights from the Joy Behar Show

This article references Joy Behar's show.  I've said it before and I'll say it again, Behar makes Glenn Beck look like a Rhodes Scholar.  That the media obsesses over Beck's strange and loony postulating while giving a free ticket to brain dead moronic idiocy from places like Behar's show on HLN shows the sympathies possessed by most of the media.  As a result, people who otherwise would never grace the threshold of Beck's asylum have no problem throwing their lot in with Behar, the feminine shadow of Beck, only cubed.

So we have a discussion on this particular episode in which the stigma related to not having children is being debated.  Well not really debated, since Behar, like most progressive media types, tends to want only those who agree with her to discuss the topics du jour

Now, to be fair, several blogs are picking this up as if one of the guests, Professor Helen Fisher, said having babies is like littering.  Not really.  If you listen, when discussing the Octomom phenom of baby by manufacturing, she merely said 'many people say it's like littering.'  She technically isn't saying it herself, but merely commenting on what those rascally 'many people' are saying.  And she is saying it in reference to the new trend of women having as many babies as money and science can provide.

But beyond that, what I took away from this clip was chilling nonetheless.  It was chilling to hear the continued lack of respect or regard for human life that is coming from the post-modern Left.  The conversation displayed a contempt for any human life that stands in the way of me, me, me, demonstrating that the Left continues to learn all the wrong lessons from the past two hundred years.  It seizes on all the philosophies and ideals that propelled Europe headlong into the 20th century, ready to lead humanity into its most murderous century in history.  It fails to learn any lessons about how important the sacredness of life is, or how wrong it would be to reduce humanity in any form to an inconvenience. 

Instead, unlike the European thinkers of old who obsessed about what breed of humanity is convenient based on lofty notions of nationalism, ethnic purity, or world domination, the post modern Left adopts the same basic contempt for the animal called humanity, but does so in order to increase the joys of money, sex, and hedonistic narcissism.  That the entire segment addresses the miracle of children with all the callous buffoonery one expects from a British American Idol judge, all centered around how kids truly interfere with the cocktail hour, illustrates how perilous is the emerging post-liberal movement. 

One more thing.  I especially liked Behar joking about Italy's 0% population growth.  I guess she knows 0% population growth is essentially demographic suicide.  But then most American post-liberals like Behar, Olbermann, and Maher don't appear to read the papers when it comes to the unfolding implosion and inevitable collapse of the civilization soon to be formerly known as Europe.

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