Wednesday, November 24, 2010

MSM continues to talk around the Vatican condom issue

This story is actually a little better. It allows some who are traditional, orthodox Catholics to have a say.  Obviously there is much confusion, and the Vatican spokesman's answers have not helped.  The main culprit, however, which is not mentioned in the AP piece, is obviously the media itself.  If one steps aside and looks at not only the quote from the book, but the subsequent statements from the Vatican, it's clear there is nothing really new here. Perhaps, at best, a reaching across the aisle to find some common ground from which to get the Sex Culture to see the light. The Pope is saying condoms are wrong.  The Pope is saying the modern secular take on sexuality is a mess.  The Pope is saying that someone who uses a condom is at least admitting what the secular progressive movement has tried desperately to deny: that we are moral creatures and have an obligation to others rather than just to ourselves.  But the confusion is there, at least at this point, from headline after headline from the MSM that says 'POPE RADICALLY CHANGES CHURCH TEACHING ON CONDOMS!'  This, along with endless interviews of AIDS, Gay, and Liberal activists who see this a a giant step toward changing the Church to conform to modern desires, has to be adding to the confusion.  My opinion: Ignore the media, the Pope needs to step out and say something, and assume that the Church hasn't just tossed 2000 years of Tradition out the window because of the stellar job flinging condoms at the problem has done for reducing AIDS over the last thirty years.

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