Monday, November 22, 2010

More on the great Papal condom controversy of 2010

Lori Pieper, over on her blog On Pilgrimage, writes about the origins of the word 'justified' that found such a predominant place in early reports by the media.  Apparently, the Italian translation of the book excerpt (which would be the language that the Vatican newspaper  L’Osservatore Romano, uses), contains the word 'justified', while it is not in the English.  The early stories stating that the Pope says condoms therefore might just be an honest mistake on the part of the media.  Though again, a mistake that the media now needs to spend as much time retracting.  Sometimes I think it would be beneficial if the media took a day out of each week to emphasis just what was wrong in initial reports.  That way when the early rush to press says 'Pope changes Church teaching on condoms', they might be able to catch a few people and mention that it turns out he said no such thing.  FWIW, I'm still following things and not ready to make a final call until I hear more, including from some spokesman from the Vatican, about what was really said, or at least meant.

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