Saturday, November 13, 2010

Toys R Us appears to heart money more than family or tradition

It looks to me like Toys R Us has made it clear that there is no god but money, and the bottom line is its profit (a little wordplay there, if you don't mind).  As the increasing intolerance of anything that doesn't let to net financial gain creeps into our commercialism society, the glaring problem behind a financial theory based only on the bottom line is becoming clear.  I've said it before, and I'll say it again.  Capitalism without a heart and soul, or dare I say a Christian foundation, is no better than Communism.  Well done Toys R Us.  I think we'll look elsewhere for our kids' toys this year.


  1. What next. Geesh. I am sick of Thanksgiving being put aside like this. I personally think we should boycot Christmas or at least this part of Christmas. Have some day in the Summer that we give all the gifts etc. Celebrate Christ- Mass and leave it at that.

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  3. I would not really boycot Christmas - It is tempting sometimes. My family celebrates the 12 days of Christmas. We don't spread the gifts over the days, but we try to do something each day of Christmas. We have the gifts on "Christmas Day" (or Day 1) and then enjoy them for the rest of the season.
    Christmas is a celebration time, but it has been turned into money money and give me give me. Where is Jesus in all of this?


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