Saturday, November 13, 2010

Spanish court cowers before Islam

Like most of the post-Western world, Spanish progressives are founded on an abiding hatred of their own heritage. That heritage includes Christianity.  Other faiths, cultures, civilizations are considered superior in every way.  So it's no surprise that a court has ruled it was no big deal when Muslims broke into the Cordoba Cathedral and held their own prayer services - against the wishes of the Catholics whose Cathedral it is.  Despite it being done by force.  Despite violence breaking out on the part of the Muslims.  Despite there being a law in Spain against such assaults on religious faith.  The court has ruled no big deal.  Why? 

First, because the Western liberal movement is based on a loathing of its own Christian heritage.  All other beliefs and faiths, once again, are superior.  Second, many on the Left are scared to death of Islam, and tend to do their best Dr. Smith from Lost in Space impersonations when confronted by a resolute Islamic movement.  Third, let's be honest.  Many on the Left consider anything not of Christianity to be allies against the common enemy.  Spain has been moving radically toward a hostile rejection of its Christian roots.  This is simply one more movement in that direction.

We need only ask if Christians broke into a mosque using violence and intimidation, if the result would have been the same.  I doubt it.  First, there would have been an international outcry.  Second, the likelihood of Muslims across the world turning out to protest such an action, even violently, is rather high.  Third, Christians don't issue fatwas.  Despite the insights of such intellectual giants as Joy Behar and Tavis Smiley, it would appear that most people, when push comes to shove, don't really believe Christians are more violent than everyone else in the world today. 

All in all, one more step in the West's final and ultimate rejection of its Christian roots.  And if that has to include increasing violence against the religion that helped bring its culture to life, so be it.

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