Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Flying snakes to be padded down by TSA

Not really.  Just a cool article about even cooler snakes.  Things like this always make me wonder about evolution.  How does this evolve?  You either have everything it takes to fly through the air, or you crash.  A physicist some years ago said that the phenomenon of flight was the conversation stopper for him.  Specializing in aerodynamics, he said flight simply could not evolve.  Flying is more than having wings.  The entire structure is either geared for flying, or it isn't.  There's no in between.  Furthermore, having only part of what is needed for flying would, in all likelihood, be a hindrance to survival, not a boon.

I've often thought of that.  How could flight evolve?  How could butterflies evolve?  How do the sensory organs evolve?  I mentioned to our optometrist the YouTube video of Richard Dawkins explaining how eyes could evolve, and he just chuckled.  Why did sexual reproduction evolve?  Most college guys should suggest that's doing things the hard way, not the easier way as the teachings of evolution would suggest.   Where is all the proof?   Like I've said, I would love Darwin's theories to be taught - really taught, warts and all, and not just indoctrinated. 

Anyway, the article got my mind to thinking in that direction.  I'd love to hear answers from folks someday about just how a butterfly would evolve.  Or a flying snake for that matter. 

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