Monday, November 29, 2010

Muslims are dying by the millions in America!

Or you would think so.  According to this story, Muslims in Oregon are pleading for protection in the wake of a young Muslim's attempt to slaughter families at a Christmas Holiday Tree lighting celebration. As I asked here a month or so ago, would someone please show me the evidence that Muslims have anything to fear from Americans?  Has there been rivers of blood flowing from the hapless victims of rampaging hordes of American racists?  Have Mosques been destroyed, or attacked by gun toting murderers?  Have Imams been killed, their women raped and murdered?  Thank the Lord, no.  During the Media's frenzy over the NYC Mosque debate, we were told then that violence was rising all across the land.  Where are the stories?  The only story was that 'violence' was on the rise.  Except for that strange case of a liberal peace worker attacking a cabbie in NYC, and the arson against the Tennessee Mosque, that admittedly looks aimed at the Muslim nature of the site, I can't recall anything. 

In my own neck of the American woods, there have been no stories of attacks or violence against Muslims since a few cases of vandalism shortly after 9/11.  Other than that, nothing.  Local churches have had more violence against them in the last ten years.  In fact, to make sure we don't target Muslims, we have allowed our government to frisk young children and assail little old ladies in our attempts to keep our country safe, despite the stunning lack of violence done to our country by young children and little old ladies. All of this lest we single out those who feel threatened despite our lack of doing anything to threaten them. 

Yes, there was a fire at the Mosque where the attacker worshipped.  That should be investigated.  Those who burned the Mosque - assuming it was deliberate, which it probably was - should be caught and punished.  There is no reason for that.  However, why must every case of anything to do with anything Muslim come back at the entire country as if the US is a nation full of 'knuckle-heads' bent on destruction and murder?  For me, I'm proud of the restraint shown by Americans since 9/11.  Remember, the biggest killer of Muslims in the last 10 years has been Muslims.  Even counting our military presence in the Middle East, Muslim on Muslim violence has still outdone anything we have done by way of our worst policy decisions.  Here at home, it's been even better for Muslims.  So get the folks who did the crime, and for the love of God, stop turning it around as if America is this hell-hole place of terror for Muslims all across our land.  You really want hell hole of terror?  Then you need go no further than any one of a collection of Muslim countries and talk to those religious minorities living within their borders.

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  1. Well said. I also wish we spent more time focused on how well we have responded to 9/11. We've made mistakes, but how would other countries have responded to the same attacks? Overall I think we have done very well.


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