Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I am NOT a Catholic blogger!

I'm a blogger who happens to be Catholic.  There are a zillion Catholic bloggers in the world, and I figure we don't need another one.  Rather, this is just a place where I can write a few ideas, sort things out, and more or less toss out a bone or two and see if anyone picks it up.  I am not a Catholic apologist, though I will comment on Catholic beliefs.  As a Protestant Minister, I didn't reckon myself as an apologist, or a theologian.  I was too pastoral for that.  All theology is pastoral, they said.  And when I do think of theology, I tend to see how it actually works in the nuts and bolts of daily living.

But more to the point, I just started this to get used to writing down my thoughts.  Being lazy when it comes to writing, and having had some folks ask if I might write on a few topics I've taught over the years, I figured this would be a nice way to keep me in practice, and who knows, maybe get a little better as time goes on.  So while my Catholic identity will lead me to jump in and comment on things in the Church, especially if my old pastoral eye detects something here or there, it may just as easily focus on the news, politics, sports, lots of history, or any one of a hundred other things that catches my mind at the moment.  And often it will be without the need to bring it back to a Catholic this or a Christian that.  Just thought I would toss that out there since it looks like newer readers are coming by more regularly and might be curious just WTH this blog is all about anyway!

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