Saturday, November 27, 2010

Wikileaks demonstrates pure evil by living it

Wikileaks, which is fast becoming the best example of consequentialism one can use today, is preparing to release yet more confidential documents.  Naturally, it's in the name of truth and exposure of grave evils.  Of course, military officials, diplomats, and world leaders have warned that there could be grave consequences from the release. The founder of Wikileaks, Julian Assange, naturally doesn't appear to give a damn about any innocent lives that may be lost.  Utilizing an obvious contempt for the US, and it would seem not really concerning himself about the long term ramifications, he's making a buck, becoming a celebrity, and playing up to the growing international - and national - hatred of America.  Unfortunately, he is also living the very type of reckless and twisted logic that he condemns.  There could be other ways to make the points he is trying to make.  Other ways more careful, more restrained, more cautious.  But no, he merely wishes to make a country he dislikes look bad no matter what, safe in the knowledge that those who share his apparent hatred and loathing will gladly excuse his actions in the name of accomplishing the greater good.  Catholics critical of the US's actions in Iraq and the Middle East be warned!  There are many ways to speak out against what America has done.  Supporting a man who is quickly exemplifying everything that we are warned about in terms of doing wrong that good may come of it is not the way.

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