Friday, August 27, 2010

New York Mosque?

Steven Greydanus writes the best, most thoughtful take on the New York Mosque I've seen. That's not to say I agree with everything he's said. But he avoids the clangs and gongs of demagoguery and fear bating on both sides of the debate. My main critique would be that of most in our culture today: he suffers from the Western Penitence. The tendency of easily seeing the worst, shadiest, and dishonest motives behind those in our own backyards, while taking the rest of the world at face value and assuming straight forward motives. But that means Steven is a product of his time. We've been taught to adhere to the Western proverb of 'a stranger before my cousin, my cousin before my brother.' It's natural he would apply this to his assessments of the Mosque question. Nonetheless, it's a great read, and the best of any I've heard from either side of the debate.

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    Here is a link to an article I just read regarding How Pope John Paul might have handled the NY Mosque.


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