Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Van Halen to remind fans of how old we're getting

Yes, I admit, they were among my favorite bands in high school and college. I don't mind plopping 1984 or Van Halen in the old CD today. And admit it, they were pretty darn talented. But when I remember this:

And then see this:

I think of this: And remember this:

"When I was a child, I spake as a child, I felt as a child, I thought as a child: now that I am become a man, I have put away childish things." 1 Corinthians 13:11.

Thank you Paul, for reminding Americans what we need to do for our own children: stop acting like them.

Till tomorrow, TTFN.


  1. Call me a crazy Millenial, but the first picture looks doofy and the second... actually looks ok. Really. Oh, maybe not like stars to charm the universe, but for a bunch of fun guys it doesn't betray any signs that there's anything wrong with them at all. I'm not even sure they're old. But that's beside the point: it doesn't take growing old to show that the flair of mid-late 20th cent. rock'n'roll stars was silly. I see a more of a fantastical sense of self in the initial stars look, fantastical in the negative sense that it's not even cool because it lacks a basic grasp of genuineness. It's like women who think it's attractive to overdo their eyeliner and lipstick.

  2. I guess you had to be there in the days of the Big Hair! I think much of the flair came with the need to shock and tantalize, once the simple shock of things like long hair and rock music began to wane. For me, it reminds me that you can't ever go back. I saw clips of them on stage from their last reunion tour, and it was nothing at all compared to the energy, spontaneity, and exuberance of all those years ago. But then, as you get older, you realize aren't we all like that. Which may have been what Paul was trying to remind us about.

  3. http://www.contactmusic.com/photos.nsf/main/vanhalen_135_wenn5001425
    Check this link for some further elder rocker pictures. Remember the young one on the far right of the picture is Eddie's Son Wolfie as his mom calls him.
    This picture actually makes them look good compared to some of the others.


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