Sunday, August 1, 2010

I have a follower! I don't know who or how to find out yet, but in honor of this lonely individual who has found my blog, I post this picture of our garden's first yield for the year. It was delicious. Welcome to another week of thoughts, insights, and general thinking.


  1. You also have at least one lurker. Said lurker happens to believe it's a greater act of fanhood (or something) to come by and read a week's posts the good ol' long way than to have your insights automatically dumped in a feed. The unfortunate side effect is that this height of devotion doesn't get counted in the official record; unless you have a general site hit count, in which case it's still indistinguishable from passerby but at least continually boosts that.

  2. Welcome, I've enjoyed your comments and feedback. The stuff that makes blogging fun!


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