Friday, August 13, 2010

Gay Brownshorts?

Mark Shea has taken to calling most gay rights advocates Brownshorts. It's an obvious play on the Brownshirts that were instrumental in establishing total power for Hitler and his Nazi gangsters. I have to admit, I thought it a bit over the top for a while. But when I see stories about Gay Rights Advocates reminding us that America is for those who celebrate homosexuality and conform to its dogmas, all others will be hunted down like the dogs they are, the name fits. After all, last I heard, a person or company could support who they want to support for office. Of course you can disagree. But to point a metaphorical gun to the head and demand equal time (does that mean all who support gay rights candidates should give equal support to those who oppose gay marriage?), it reminds me of how little patience the post-liberal left has for those antiquated notions of tolerance, diversity, and freedom.

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