Tuesday, August 10, 2010

How should the Catholic Church respond to judge's trumping of Prop 8?

Tim Drake, at National Catholic Register, asks those in the know. It is increasingly apparent, in America like Europe and our northern neighbors in Canada, that homosexuality is the wedge issue of the age. Abortion, despite media attempts to portray it as religious vs. intelligence, is not merely a faith issue. I know plenty of progressive Christians all giddy about abortion rights, and not a few non-religious types (even feminists or otherwise liberal) who have a certain 'ick' feeling about abortion and what it entails. So in the end, abortion just won't do as that grand slam issue that helps push Christian morals out of our society for good.

Enter homosexuality, a complex issue made more complex because its adherents are typically adults who can talk and speak for their own cause. Add a society based on the growing idea that Christian morality is the one unacceptable morality in our world, and the gauntlet is near to be thrown down. Even now, homosexual advocates are becoming bolder about the notion that rights and freedoms are for those who accept and celebrate homosexuality as almost some gnostic perfection of human being. As a sad round of debate I had with a Huffpost pundit demonstrated some months ago. I merely suggested it was wrong for a Christian street preacher to be charged for pointing out Bible verses that speak against homosexuality. Our intrepid representative of the gay rights movement was quick to correct me, pointing out that intollerance can be good, religion is a lie, and hate should be outlawed - and since hate is best defined as failing to conform to and celebrate homosexuality in all its forms, it was time for me to connect the dots. My favorite quote:

"It's not intimidation. One side is right. One side is wrong. You are on the wrong side. Again, it's as simple as that. We gay people are often accused of being intolerant of a differing opinion. Not so. However, we ARE intolerant of ignorance demanding respect."
Look for more in the future, as the move to eradicate wrong religion intensifies, and we hear more about what tolerance really is, and when intolerance is always right.

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