Friday, August 6, 2010

You sank my Aircraft Carrier!

As America rehashes the old rehashed hash over its unforgivable sin above Hiroshima, many are ignoring China as it busies itself learning a new trick - because America is the only big bully in the world causing problems, don't you know. All those Americans who think that someone could actually cause us troubles, like, you know, China, are just paranoid. After all, China is a struggling wannabe trying to overcome old Western Racist Imperialism.

In other news, Hitler's grandson becomes topic of polite conversation by announcing his plans to enter politics. Strike that. I meant Mao Zedong's grandson becomes a minor blip* in the media and a topic of polite conversation by announcing his intentions to enter into politics. Because Evil is Defined as Hitler and the Nazis murdered six million Jews; all other events are subject to academic debate.

*Note in the story of Mao's grandson. The ridicule is over his appearance and achievements, not over his relation to history's #1 Mass Murderer. Place this in juxtaposition to the Today show's curiosity regarding how Nixon's grandson can possibly overcome his ties to grandfather Richard, and it isn't difficult to see symptoms of the Great Western Guilt in action, which helps us ignore things like China's growing power in the world. Remember, confession is good. Suicidal, unforgivable guilt is bad.


  1. Had not seen those stories. Wow! So, once again we sit see time and again how the world view of American is being defined by America- and not a good view may I say. We are truely becoming a weak people.

  2. That's because many think that a weak America means a happy world, since all those other countries no doubt want the best for everyone.


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