Thursday, August 19, 2010

What! You mean folks opposed to the New York Mosque might not be bigots!! Nah. shoots at the broad side of a barn and misses. In a piece so laughingly bad it should be enshrined in journalism schools across America as an example of how not to publish an article, the writers of look on sneeringly, thinking they've scored a coup de grace. Truth is, it shows only the contempt and righteous arrogance of toward those who fail to conform to its moral absolutes. The question, of course, could have been 'have we been wrong? Since Right wingers didn't object to a Muslim chapel at the Pentagon after 9/11, maybe they are serious when they say they aren't against Muslims or Mosques, they just have particular issues with the one in New York.' Instead, I don't know if that even entered Salon's mind. If it did, it didn't last long enough to avoid what did happen, and that was a piece that basically tries to say "HA! Got you! Just like we thought, just a bunch of hypocrite bigots trying to score political points by appealing to their base's innate bigotry!" The modern media, so much to be proud of.

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