Saturday, August 7, 2010

Racism is alive and well and living in America

It should be well known that a man who murdered eight people at a distribution plant blamed his victims for being racist. Naturally the MSM is having fits wondering where to go with it. Should we focus on the victims like we usually do? Or should we run with the narrative of our times?

His motives are irrelevant really. The subtle suggestion, spoken in hushed tones on some news channels, that this may have been a 'reason' shows how alive and vibrant racism is. Was there racism? Were all the victims racist? Does it really matter? The idea that this was even anything worth talking about, on the very day when eight families horrifically lost their loved ones, shows why racism isn't going away any time soon.

When Matthew Shepherd died, we were informed that it may have been - at least partially - the blame of religious groups and preachers who opposed homosexuality for creating an environment hostile toward homosexuals. If that's true, then can we expect the same media darlings and celebrities to emerge, telling us that the constant drumbeat of 'white racists, White Racists, WHITE RACISTS' that permeates everything and sees all people according to the color of their skin, may also be behind this rampage? Maybe it's not the victims, but the increasingly uneasy feeling one gets that racism is not just alive, but is kept alive for expediency's sake; a convenient way to advance agendas, silence debate, and even push through political ideologies. For as long as racism remains convenient, racism will remain.


Meanwhile, the shooter's family, continuing to get Carte Blanche treatment by the media, and understandably grief stricken, attempts to use the Super Narrative of inherent racism to not-too-subtly paint Thornton as the real victim. Let me know when we start saying it's OK to kill racists, or just people who might be racist because of the color of their skin (which is the latest acceptable racism: that you can always tell a racist by the color of his skin).

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