Tuesday, August 31, 2010

And end to the bigotry?

Mark Shea, over at Catholic and Enjoying It, is having fun jabbing the modern gay rights movement. Yet behind the jabs are valid points. Modern gay rights, like so many things in the post-modern age, relies on sound and fury and 'I dare you to question us' in debating the issues at hand. Like the right wingers of old, who threw anti-American, heretic, or Communist at anyone who dared question the status quo, the modern Progressives take their cues from the same playbook. Never mind stopping to ask some pretty fundamental questions and being able to discuss them:

  • Are we sure there is overwhelming scientific consensus on just why people are homosexual?
  • Does a physiological tendency toward a behavior make that behavior no longer subject to moral examination?
  • Does the physiological tendency toward a behavior mean that any negative results of that behavior are to be ignored?
  • Just how much actual proof do we have regarding homosexuality, and how much of it is based on biases, interpretation of data, and personal perspectives?
All of these are fair, but try asking them. Mark Shea is having fun pointing out that being overweight is not looked upon well in our society today. In fact, a growing backlash and increasing tolerance toward shaming and stigmatizing overweight people is on the rise. We know that some folks are just going to be heavier, but that hasn't stopped the growing social scorn, the increased demands from the medical community to change lifestyles, and even possible penalties for being heavy.

So the question, rhetorical as it may seem, still stands: why this treatment for heavy people, many of whom may be physiologically and biologically predisposed toward being heavy, while folks who follow another particular lifestyle on the single platform of it being physiological/biological are given a free pass, a 'don't touch this', a conform or else message?

My answer to that will follow someday.

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