Monday, August 16, 2010

Save the Planet, Make the people

The one thing we've learned with all the pollution, global warming, deforestation, and cancer causing carcinogens we have ingested over the years since the scientific and industrial revolutions: don't mess with nature. Unless, of course, it's human nature. Then that's OK. Because this time science and technology will get it right, solve all our problems and nothing - not one gosh darn thing - is possibly going to go wrong. If we weren't so overly hysterical at all the ways our science* and technology are destroying the planet, this wouldn't be half as funny.

*Fun note: You ever notice that science is never, ever blamed for things like all the carbon emissions that are causing man made global warming and other disasters? We all know it's from things like science and invention and technology, but we just don't say it. Humanity, doing what we've always done for thousands of years: not learning.

By the way, the article does not point out just how they are becoming Dads (hint: it's not the natural way, or as gay rights say, not the way we've been indoctrinated into thinking is natural). But the article that did have the celebratory story had pics that didn't need to be linked by this blog, which is all too common in most popular media today. Sigh.

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