Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Imagine: Another thing that could help our schools:

Stop playing intellectually vacant and morally suspect songs laden with hypocrisy as if they are sacred hymns pointing to eternal truths:

As a die-hard Beatles fan, and fan of John Lennon, I admit in my secular days I used to love this song, especially 'imagine no religion!'* Take that God! But as I listened to it over the years, and thought it through, and added this to the various interviews I read of Lennon, I realized as a deep thinking philosopher he made a great rock star. In fact, the substance of what he said is on par with Glenn Beck. Sure he could be right once in a while, but he sure wasn't in this song.

Not to mention the moral problems with a multi-millionaire rock star sitting in a 7 million dollar mansion asking if you can imagine no possessions. Beyond that, nothing to die for? Live for today? Haven't we had enough of living for today? If we want our kids to do better, stop having them place value in baseless, shallow songs that make us feel good about realities none of us would ever want, because whenever they've been tried (the USSR tried to imagine no religion!), they've been found to be exceedingly wanting.

*As an aside, I wonder how a song that so proudly calls down the belief in religion as a good thing can be played in our schools based on the ACLU's interpretations of Separation of Church and State. Are we to ban all positive pronouncements of religious belief, but attacks on religion are fine? That's for another post.

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