Wednesday, August 11, 2010

High Priest of Secular Religion inadvertently makes us laugh

Stephen Hawking continues to help those of us trying to explain that knowledge of science does not equate to knowledge of anything but science. And a particular branch of science at that. Mark Shea, as usual, has his number:

"Forget that it would be easier to re-create New York City in Antarctica than it would be to create even a small workable village on Mars or the Moon. Forget that we are nowhere near light-speed travel and that even if we achieve it, the nearest star (which may not have any habitable planets) is 4 light years away (or 50,000 years at present speeds). We should all take Stephen Hawking seriously because he has a massive amount of knowledge about an incredibly narrow band of specialized technical knowledge."

It always helps to listen to the small voice yelling out to inform us the emperor has new clothes. Especially before we blindly follow the priesthood of scienceism into another life ending mistake of apocalyptic proportions (see picture of mushroom cloud below).

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