Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Free Speech and Abortion head to court

The Supreme Court will hear a case pondering the age old question: does free speech include the right to remain silent - even for medical providers?  The details, the facts, the topics are well beyond my pay grade.  I'm neither lawyer nor medical provider.

It seems to me that since the person is not compelled to go to that particular provider, especially if the provider is up front about his or her beliefs, then they can't demand that provider to act like any other provider in terms of what it does and doesn't offer.

But then I'd have bet you dollars to buttons that people free to pick any bakery to bake a wedding cake couldn't go in and demand a particular baker violate his or her conscience.  So there you go.

Here are two opposing views, one representing the more conservative opinion at National Review.  The other the decidedly liberal view at the always progressive Center for American Progress.  Read it and decide.

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