Thursday, March 8, 2018

In that dead space formerly known as Europe

A man has been convicted for telling a female police officer what liberal pundits told Sarah Palin back in the day.  Back then, there were liberal pundits suggesting that if Palin was a good mother, she'd stay home with her family like a good woman should.  Mostly silence and crickets responded.

Today, a man says a similar thing and it's fines or jail time.  Such is the Left.  It's the Bolsheviks all over again, but up front.  At least the modern Left is clear that it wishes to be about censorship and oppression, hatred and violence, tyranny and the eradication of liberties and rights.

Of course Europe is dying, not that most Europeans care.  Drunk on narcissism and hedonism, nihilism and apathy, the question isn't if Europe will become the northernmost corner of the Islamic world, but when.  Given Pope Francis giving the rise of an Islamic leadership in Europe the papal seal of approval, there's not much hope that anyone else will care.

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