Saturday, March 17, 2018

And the rest of America's brackets join my bracket

Wow.  As one announcer said, a victory of biblical proportions.  Maybe not that, but possibly the most stunning upset since the Miracle on Ice.  The first time a 16 Seed ever beat a 1 Seed.  That's why I'm up at midnight posting this.  It was an afterthought game, scheduled at the end on Friday night.  This was the step that Virginia had to walk over to get to the meat and bones of the tournament. 

A shame.  Coach Bennett is a fine coach and much respected, and Virginia is a good team.  But that's what happens in sports.  You don't let failure define you.  You celebrate one week, undisputedly the best team in the nation.  The next week you're making history by being the first 1 Seed ever to lose to a 16 Seed.  That's  life, as Frankie would say.

At least Kentucky is happy. 


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    1. Just watch out. Suddenly that path to the Final Four looks all the more treacherous.


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