Saturday, March 24, 2018

A March against their rights will happen this weekend

Whose rights?  Why 'their' rights, that's who.  Because just like being willing to let terrorists kill other Americans, so taking away other Americans' rights is the price I'm willing to pay for making America a better country for me to live in.  After all, it's one thing to demand others give up their rights, it's quite another to think I shouldThat's going too far.

Nonetheless, this whole episode is what we used to call pay dirt.  The Left, seizing upon a tragedy that was aided by systemic bureaucratic failures and breakdowns, has found a new weapon in its war against the traditional West:  Kids who came from a high school where a shooting occurred.

"As long as we have victims in front of us, we're invulnerable!"
Like the suffering individual advocating for Democrats' healthcare policies, these kids are invulnerable.  Put a disabled child, a parent of a slain youth, a student from a school shooting at the front of your column, and you're nigh on invincible.  Any criticisms or observations about collusion or exploitation will immediately be spun as 'you hate babies.'  Charges of bigotry, racism and sexism will be forthcoming.

Of course there's plenty to suggest that using them for political clout is a happy byproduct.  That a growing number of these kids, chanting an end to the NRA, a willingness to ban guns, and a general disdain for gun owners and conservative Republicans, might also ensure a new wave of registered voters who will join in supporting the party that wants to save us from racists, global warming, sexists and Christians, is even better.  Hence why this great movement is supported by the great alliance of the Left, given finances and support from the wealthy and powerful, and fully advocated by and promoted by the press.

Yes, there is that nasty little part about the press deliberately ignoring those students who were victims who don't support gun control as the only issue worth discussing.  Sometimes it almost seems like these kids are being exploited, rather than joined by the various national forces that want guns gone.

But almost overnight, the generation that has been taught America and Nazi Germany were practically one and the same, the entire history of America was a great evil, and it's time to end this notion that people have the freedom to be evil (that is, not Leftist), has adopted a new mantra: I'm perfectly willing to take away their rights for my safety. Exploitation is a small price to pay for such a reward.  Whatever the morality of it is, at this point, entirely irrelevant.

Fun Observation Update: My boys were watching the obviously coordinated marches, and my second oldest noted that 'to hear the media talk, you'd never know there was a Republican in Parkland.'  That is true.

Updated Observation: Another point was made, and I'm not sure.  I heard on the news yesterday that there were students on buses heading for Washington.  The press said last night some students were arriving in Washington early on in the evening.  Are these students on Spring Break this week?  Don't tell me schools are letting them out again.  I'm not saying they are, but the press certainly suggested the kids were on their way yesterday, a school day.  I'm just curious. 


  1. Wait... we want gun control... but we don't want clear containers which would help authorities - you know - control guns?

    Well then the whole argument is solved! We'll all say we did something about guns but won't actually do anything and then everybody will be happy, right?

    1. It's the same as the approach to terrorism: As long as terrorists kill some other American, it's the sacrifice I'm willing to make. Likewise here, I insist we consider what rights we need to take from others so I can be safe - but don't ask me to give up anything. There's a trend here. I don't think it's accidental.


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