Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Remember when a hardcore liberal democrat tried to murder Republicans at a ballpark?

And remember how his actions had nothing to do with his beliefs, his politics, or motives or any such things.   Remember how we were cautioned about linking his politics to his actions; you couldn't blame liberalism or Democrats or leftist rhetoric?  It was declared that he was merely a sick man, his actions were stand alone, and there should be no attempt at drawing a line of blame to anything but his own evil actions.

Wait for itMark Shea has already thrown the hammer down and used the bombings to attack his favorite demons of Hell.  He even threw a dig at homeschooling in for good measure.  Folks who used to read Mark in the old days will appreciate the irony.  No matter what the bomber's motives, I'm willing to bet there will be much made about people like him (conservative) being natural killers.  Mark has already drawn the line to conservative Evangelical homeschool types.  Let's see if the rest of the press follows suit.

I would talk about being thankful it might be over, praying for the victims and all, but such rubbish has long fallen along the wayside in our modern era, as evidenced by not only Mark, but by so many on all sides rushing in to make ideological hay out of this, even while people were dying.  So there you go.

UPDATE INFORMATIONAL NOTE: So it was pointed out to me that Mark has been using the old term he once condemned, Christianist.  What is a Christianist?  Basically someone who thinks they are a Christian, but Mark knows otherwise. And how do we know a Christianist?  Basically, according to Mark's post, it is a person who is conservative, Evangelical Christian (the most hated group in America), opposes gay marriage, is homeschooled, opposes abortion and thinks brandishing people for life for sex crimes is not a good idea.  So there you go.

BONUS NOTE: If you browse the sad spectacle of CAEI's comments, note the quick and easy attribution of racist motives based purely on the skin color, religion of the bomber.  We know nothing of his politics, only views on some social issues.  We know his race and religious affiliation.  Based on that - and that alone - we have people weaving entire narratives of his racist and evil purposes. Those on CAEI are not alone.  The strange irony of an entire swath of our nation that believes religion, nationality and skin color alone are enough to prove you are an evil racist has to be unprecedented. 


  1. Mark Shea and ScottAlt the Catholic left that keeps on giving

    1. Yep. I was just sent a link to a page where several are joining atheists, leftists and others in trashing and hashing our wretched Founding Fathers and celebrating how superior we are to them.


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